Happy New Year everyone! I’ve created a ‘Service Computation Date FAQ‘ page based on your comments and emails over the years.

If you would like something else to be added to the FAQ page reach out to me using the ‘contact’ tab above. Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Service Computation Date FAQ

  1. Regarding military buyback for traditional Guardsmen, I was activated for a tour in Afghanistan and have my 214. Am I still getting service credit from my civilian job, or do I need to buy back the military time, or can I double dip and get the extra time in addition to what my civilian job gives me (if they are)?

    • Dean – Thanks for your service! Reach out to your HR person to verify what your civilian status was during the mobilization and if you can claim credit in both FERS and Military Retirement for the deployment/activation period.

      Don’t forget to review my SCD FAQ info – Especially Question #13 in your case: http://gubmints.com/scd-faq/#Reserves

  2. My wife did 5 years active duty before transferring to the reserves, and bought her active time back when she went to work at the VA. Do you know if she will be able to retire from the reserves at 20 years (after 5 active, and 15 reserve) and still collect her VA retirement?


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