I just got a Kindle Fire (5th Gen) for Christmas – So far I like it a lot.   I wanted a cheap tablet to use as a web browser and book reader, with occasional email or video watching.  After seeing how easy it is to crack the screen on my Wife’s iPad mimi (and how expensive the screen is to replace) I opted for the Kindle Fire 5.

I was perfectly ready to accept being bombarded with advertisements on the Fire 5, as Amazon has heavily subsidized the $100+ manufacturing cost of the $34 sales price on my Kindle Fire 5, knowing that I will be a captive, revenue-generating member of the Amazon and Amazon Prime ecosystem if I frequently use the Fire 5.

What I was NOT ready for was how painful it is to download free eBooks from Feedbooks.com or Gutenberg.org.   There’s some nasty writeups on the Gutenberg webpage about the stinginess of the Amazon Fire- Gutenberg’s website all-out recommends you get a Nexus 7 Tablet as the alternative free e-book reader and stay away from the Kindle Fire 5.

Fortunately I figured out a free eBook download work-around that is not too annoying.

Note that this is NOT a full review of the Amazon Kindle 5 – I MAY post my notes on my Kindle Fire 5 if this post gets a lot of interest from readers.

I decided I wanted to read Joshua Slocums’ Sailing Alone Around the World, which I knew was free in the public domain.  Amazon wanted $9 in the Kindle Fire Store for this free book.  I don’t think so.

I did some searching and figured it out the easiest way to do this (without tethering to a computer) on my own.

So here’s the tutorial/workaround for Free E-Books on the Kindle Fire 5

Go to your App Store and download the free version of eLibrary Manager (the one in the upper left):

Then go to the Gutenberg.org website in your Silk Browser and search for free eBook titles you want.  In my case I did the search for ‘Slocum’.   Download the EPUB version of the book (NOT the Kindle version of the book!)

Download free eBooks on Amazon Fire 5

Now open the eLibrary Manager app in your Kindle Fire and search for the book in the ‘Downloads’ folder (this is where the Silk Browser stashes stuff).  In the top right corner there’s a thingy that looks like a barcode.  Click on the barcode and tell eLibrary app where to search for your downloaded book:

Click ‘Ok’ and now you’re reading your free eBook on the Kindle Fire 5!

2 thoughts on “Download Free eBooks to the Amazon Fire 5

  1. I have a question for someone, because I am not to smart because of some strokes I had… I was working at the VA hospital in Mpls. I had a bad headache so I with to the ER after I got off from work. A doctor in the ER could not find my chart, so He said “he was going to wing it”. without my chart. He gave me some pills and sent me home. I did not know how it was going to effect my driving, so I wait until I got home to take it a pill. My wife wake me up the next day and I was stroked out. I could not walk or talk. About a month later my wife took me up to a nuerologist at the Va. He said this was totally the VA Fault. I was fully intending to buy back my military time and was saving to do just that. I was wondering can I force the VA to let me buy back my military time so I would have 7 more years on my retirement and thus get paid for that as part of my Retirement from the VA. Also they had my wife sign for my TSP and of course I only got paid back for my money that I put in. Shouldn’t they have had to pay their half also. Thanks Denny

    • Denny –

      Thanks for your service, and thanks for reading!
      Unfortunately I do not provide legal or medical advice.
      With regards to your military service credit deposit and your TSP matching contributions, I would contact your HR representative or your local DAV for advice.


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