Well, the results are in from the GubMints household experiment with Rooftop Solar.  You might recall my original Rooftop Solar Post series discussing the plusses and minuses of Rooftop Solar.

Solar Power Purchase Agreement Results Calculations

No complaints so far.  Over 365 days in to our Solar Power Purchase Agreement, our savings so far are over $464, based on almost 4000 kW-h generated in the same time frame.  We had conservatively figured on $20+ dollars per month in savings, or an expected annual savings of $250.  The actual performance of $464 blew this estimate out of the water!

Solar Power Purchase Agreement Results Calculations

Not too shabby considering the GubMints household has zero skin in the game.  In investment (and mathematical) terms, our Return on Investment (ROI) is so good that it is ‘not defined’- Since the denominator (the investment) was Zero(!)

So for those on the fence considering a Solar Power Purchase Agreement, I encourage you to get a few bids, run the numbers for yourself, and have no fear of jumping in- In most cases, potential investment returns in a Rooftop Solar PPA will outpace any other financial investment you can find.


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