Recently I was one of the 25 million or so people who received an email from Amazon Prime announcing the $20 price hike for next year’s membership (to a total of $99 per year).

Everyone knew this was coming. Last month Amazon floated the classic ‘Trial Balloon’, announcing that they were mulling a $40 per year Amazon Prime price hike.

One month later, a price hike of ‘only’ $20 sounds more reasonable.   $99 (versus $119 per year) seems like a comparative bargain.

Is Amazon Prime membership worth it at $99?  Just avoid one trip to the Big Box Department Store per month,  borrow 1 eBook per month on a Kindle, and it certainly is:

Is Amazon Prime worth it for $99 per year?

… but if you don’t own a Kindle device or you’re not a heavy consumer on Amazon, it’s probably not worth it just for the 2-day shipping (which my experience has shown to be next-day shipping half of the time- sometimes with a Sunday Delivery!).

If you’re only a casual or occasional reader of eBooks, it’s not likely that Amazon Prime’s proverbial ‘Juice is Worth the Squeeze’.   You’re best off using the Poor Man’s version of Amazon Prime, ganging up items using Amazon’s ‘Wish List’ feature and then buying the items together as a group when your Wish List reaches the current Amazon Free Shipping threshold.

In the meantime, 25 million of us will enjoy the last few months of our $79 Amazon Prime membership!


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