Navy Federal Credit Union Flagship Rewards Credit Card

Full Disclosure: I have been a Navy Federal customer/member since 1989, and I carry the Flagship Rewards card in my wallet. Navy Federal does not compensate me for content on this website.

I recently gushed about the benefits of Navy Federal’s Flagship rewards card… and the best just got better.  This sign-on bonus turns the credit card rewards game into a rout- Flagship Rewards wins hands down against everyone.

The current promotion is a 60,000 point sign-up bonus for new applicants, with the $49 annual fee waived for the first year.  This is worth $600 to book air travel on any airline at any time.

Don’t like air travel?  That’s OK.  Navy Federal’s Flagship Rewards Card lets you choose from other rewards as well.  In your case, the 60,000 point bonus earns a Visa Cash card worth $450– Still a terrific sign-on bonus!.

Already a Flagship Rewards card holder and missed out on the sign-up bonus?  There’s a work-around.  If your spouse has his/her own checking account (and unique access number), s/he can apply for the credit card as a new applicant and score the bonus.   I called Navy Fed to confirm this myself.

Happy Flying, and safe travels!

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2 thoughts on “Earn $600 with Navy Federal Flagship Rewards Card

  1. I think I’m just about maxed out on new credit cards. Maybe one more. Thanks for the tip on this one, and the PenFed one. Flip a coin?

    • You can ditch one of the old ones… just make sure you get the new one first, as your credit takes a minor ‘ding’ when you close an account (even when closed at your request). Clark Howard refers to this tactic as ‘Hopscotching’.

      As a side note, I keep :
      – One card in its original envelope to pay Utility and monthly bills.
      – One card in the wallet for everyday use.
      – One additional card in its envelope (usually a rewards promo card that I won’t use once the promo conditions are met).

      Describing my rationale for this is probably worthy of a post… some ‘Kredit Kung Fu’!


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