Sorry the GubMints posts have been a bit sparse over the last week or so- I’ve just accepted a new job in Industry, and I’m fully engaged trying to ‘Get a sip of water from the Fire Hose’ as I learn the ropes at the new job.

GubMints posts will be focused on my experiences separating from Federal Service for the next month or so, as I wade my way through the following events:

  1.  How to weigh a private sector job offer (total compensation) and compare it with your present Fed job.
    • (Subset of above) Knowing where you sit (pecking order) on your Command/Agency “RIF Register”- This affects who will get RIF’ed first if-and-when Federal RIFs commence.
    •  (Another Subset of above) – Evaluating what your FERS pension will be worth as a FERS Deferred Retiree.
  2. Notifying your Command/Agency of your resignation and generating your final Personnel Action (SF-50) form.  I’ve already learned some interesting lessons here.
  3. How long each of your federal benefits last, and what generates the start/finish date.
  4. How to time commencement of benefits with your ‘new’ employer.
  5. Land Mines to avoid if you are switching out of an HSA-eligible health plan as you switch jobs.
  6. How Uncle Sugar runs the equivalent of COBRA- It’s referred to as “Temporary Continuing Coverage” (TCC).

This will keep the GubMints blog plenty busy for the next few months, as I found very little information during the separation process from OPM regarding resigning/separating from Federal Employment under you own will.

For those concerned about the long term of the blog, don’t worry- I owe you and my readers a lot.  I will still keep my ear to the ground about federal employee benefits and personal finance as it affects Feds, as:

In the meantime, consider this post as a ‘Teaser Trailer’, or a ‘Reverse Pillar Post’, if you will.  I will fill in the details from bookmarked items 1-6 above as future posts.

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