I’ve mentioned here before that mass transit is a great way to save money on your monthly budget, and a good way to trim expenses during present and future furloughs.

I recently contacted my local region’s Transportation Incentive Program (TIP) coordinator to update my status.

To my  pleasant surprise, the program (at least for DON employees) has gone all electronic.  No more MS-Word or paper forms to fill out:


I went online, answered the questions, and updated my participation status.

How is your agency administering TIP?  Have they gone all electronic yet?

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One thought on “Transportation Incentive Program (TIP) goes All Electronic

  1. It is great that we have gotten away from the old way we processed the applications/recertifications, but this doesn’t help DOD employees at all. I transferred to a DOD position and I haven’t received the information to certify. I have been paying $30.00 a week to ride the bus. There has to be an electronic system designed to help DOD employees.


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