Guide for Federal Service Computation Date
Now available as a Kindle eBook!

The GubMints Gouge for Maximizing your Service Computation Date has been over nine years in the making.

I developed the eBook based on personal experience, research, and input from readers here at

Some 30 percent of Federal Employees are Veterans, and Veterans receive additional Federal Service Credit depending on their military retired status and time in military service.  This enhances your federal ‘seniority’- what Uncle Sam refers to as your Service Computation Date.  Maximizing your federal Service Computation Date is critical, as mistakes can cost you thousands of dollars in:

  • Your future FERS Annuity Payout.
  • Annual Leave Accrual.

This GubMints Gouge Book will give you the tools you need to maximize your Service Computation Date, including sample forms, actual correspondence to and from Defense Finance Accounting Service (DFAS), plus a FREE calculation spreadsheet to help you determine the potential value of your Military Service Credit Deposit.

Grab a copy for your Kindle today!

Don’t have a Kindle?  That’s ok, there are free Kindle Reader apps that make your Tablet, Computer, or SmartPhone work as a Kindle eBook reader .

4 thoughts on “New eBook: Maximize your Service Computation Date

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  3. I had four weeks of training while an Air Force ROTC cadet. I was on orders. Does ROTC Field Training count towards good service time?


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