Transportation Incentive Program

In anticipation of furloughs, I’ve upped my use of (subsidized) public transport, which is going swimmingly so far.  Even though my door-to-door commute time is a bit longer, I’m enjoying NOT spending 2+ hrs each day with a clenched jaw and death grip on the steering wheel.

I purchase a monthly commuter train pass using the Transportation Incentive Program (TIP)-issued TranServe Visa debit card.  So far the Visa debit card has been loaded with the correct dollar amount at the correct time each month to enable my train pass (San Diego Coaster) purchase.

To keep up my motivation, I’ve been tracking my commute trips using the handy trip tracking page hosted by the local mass transit awareness/encouragement website (iCommuteSD).  Once you enter your mass transit modes and locations, it logs the commute/mass transit routes automatically for you, allowing you to click a button each day or week to confirm the days you commuted via public transport instead of by car.  It provides you with a graphic view of the days each month you took public transport (suitable for the fridge!).

iCommute also calculates how much you are saving in gas money and- if you care- CO2 (that is, if you believe that one of the mandatory elements for photosynthesis is a pollutant):

Most metropolitan regions have similar commuter websites for commuters to use as a reference or find rideshares.  Connect with yours and let me know how it goes!

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