Furlough Friday Update – Continuing Resolution

Looks like we all received a 2-week stay of execution regarding administrative furloughs.

Congress passed the FY13 Continuing Resolution, which:

  • Avoids the Government Shutdown (and Shutdown Furlough).
  • Extends federal funding through the end of the Fiscal Year.
  • Provides $10.4b in ‘Gas Money’ to the DoD to help operations through the end of the Fiscal Year.
  • Extends the Federal Pay Freeze through the year.

With the added DoD cash, 800,000 DoD employees can breathe a temporary sigh of relief- The Pentagon will sharpen its pencils and possibly throttle back on its plan for 22 administrative furlough days between now and October.  Furlough announcements have been pushed back from this week to on/about 05 April.

OFF TOPIC: Anybody found a viable solution to replace Google Reader?

I’ve exported my Google RSS subscriptions to NetVibes and it is working so-so thus far. My ideal replacement RSS reader would be:

  • Free
  • Web-based (no s/w download required)
  • Cross-platform compatible on Windows, Mac/Safari, iOS, Kindle Device (not Kindle Program on an Tablet)

I would love to hear your suggestions!

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