Sometimes as a Personal Finance blogger I lay awake at night wondering what my next meal ticket post will be.

Then I received this fat fastball- Pitched right over the Plate- From the Navy Reserve Recruiter:

(Side rant: I receive these emails from The Navy Reserve Recruitment system because I am Individual Ready Reservist (IRR), and the Navy is trying to convince me to go back in to a paid (SELRES) status so that I can fly across the country for Drill Weekends.  The Navy recently kicked its IRR reservists to the curb as I have documented here- The Navy does not even permit its IRR reservists to access their online university (Navy Knowledge Online) to earn retirement credit points).

Back the the post.  And it’s a Doozey.  Here’s the ‘Immediate military retirement pay’ announcement I received in my inbox: Continue reading

TSP Hardship Withdrawal Costs

TSP Hardship Withdrawal Costs Some tough times for Feds during the past month.

Last week the TSP announced that TSP Hardship Withdrawals totaled 8,200 during the 16-day Government Shutdown (versus 5,500  during the same period in 2012).  So far in 2013 the number of TSP Withdrawals adds up to over 104,000 transactions.

Over 8,000 TSP hardship withdrawals in 2 weeks is pretty staggering considering that nobody actually lost income (all Federal Employees were made whole for lost pay and leave following the shutdown).  Paychecks were never forfeited- just delayed.   But I guess a lot of folks are in some pretty dire cash flow conditions, considering that eligibility to make a TSP Hardship Withdrawal requires one of the following: Continue reading

Thrift Savings Plan Guidance for Federal Furlough

Thrift Savings Plan Guidance for Federal Furlough

The Federal Retirement Thrift Savings Board (FRTIB)- aka the folks who run the TSP- recently released their update to their Strategic Plan.  Here are some of the highlights (quotes in italics, GubMints commentary in normal  font).

The only down side to the shrinking Customer Base (through Fed attrition and lack of participation by Active Duty) is a possible hike in  TSP fees to compensate for reduced sales volume.

For those arriving late to the GubMints party, make sure you read my gushing post declaring that You and the TSP should be Best Friends Forever.

TSP Customer Base Continue reading