Civilian Reductions in Force Register Pecking Order


Civilian Reductions in Force Register Pecking Order
Are You Kidding Me? RIF Tiebreakers?

I’ve recently mentioned that I have separated from federal service. ┬áThe below discussion about RIF’s was not a consideration in my depature, but if I was a newly-hired employee, it certainly would have been the very first thing to factor in to my decision.

Here goes.

During many of the recent FY14 budget discussions, SECDEF has mentioned that DoD Civilian RIFs may be part of the solution for reducing Defense Spending under Sequestration. He also mentioned that if he had his druthers that Performance would be a deciding factor in deciding who to RIF first.

Why has he asked Congress to use Performance in deciding who gets RIF’ed first? ┬áNSPS (National Security Personnel System, aka Pay for Performance) died back in 2010, and just about everyone went back on to the General Schedule in 2011.

Here’s the GubMints analysis. Continue reading