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Health Care rationing is in everyone’s future- The only question is whether or not the rationing will come via nationalized/socialized medicine (a “Single Payer” system like Medicare), or if the health care rationing will come via self-discipline (Consumer-Driven or High Deductible Health Plans).

I’ve read a few decent books touting the virtues of High Deductible Health Plans with Health Savings Accounts. The first book is “Skin in the Game” by  McKesson CEO Paul Hammergren.  Hammergren’s key point is that there is zero transparency in true health care costs under the current system, and that consumers have no ‘skin in the game’ unless they are on a high-deductible health plan or consumer-Driven health plan. Continue reading


It’s GubMints MailBag time!

[2014 Update #2 – TriCares’s webpage indicates that Veterans can choose between ObamaCare or TriCare.  See my updated post regarding ObamaCare for more info]

[Note: This post has been updated 6/27/2013 based on reader feedback and further research.  Edits are strikethroughs and italics.]

GubMints reader C.E. writes:

I was looking over the blog post you had about the California exchanges and the various veteran coverages.  I think it’s really helpful… <edit> one of the things we’ve had trouble finding information on is how Obamacare affects veterans.
If a person is eligible for public coverage like Medicaid or Medicare, or has an offer of insurance from an employer, that person is ineligible for a subsidy on the Obamacare exchanges.  The basic idea is that if you’re eligible for something else, we don’t want to give you a subsidy, get the something else.
What we can’t figure out is whether that rule applies to veterans, especially retired veterans with something approaching full coverage.  If veterans eligibility counts like Medicare eligibility, it has the following consequences:
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Fellow Govvies and Veterans, I hope you’re sitting down.  For those of you at one of those fancy stand-up desks, find a director’s chair to sit in.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (will be referred to as shorthand ‘ObamaCare’) might make your retirement health care benefit comparatively worth a lot less.

The nation’s most populous state just announced the plan to roll-out its version of the ObamaCare Public Health Exchange-  It’s called “Covered California”.  You can test drive the cost of being on Callifornia’s public exchange by using their cost calculator.

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