Republic Wireless Moto X Review

Republic Wireless Moto X, with Kidgi Charging Dock
Back in November, Mrs. GubMints was insanely jealous when my employer upgraded me from my self-owned iPhone 3GS (on AirVoice Wireless) to a company-owned iPhone 4S.  She wanted a new phone, too, as her 3GS was acting a bit slow and was finicky with MMS on the AirVoice network.
I was ready to upgrade her to a Google Nexus 4, but they had just run out of stock.  The Nexus 5 was coming out, but very pricey.  I looked back to Republic Wireless in early November, and as luck had it, they were taking orders on the Google/Motorola Moto X for new customers.  I jumped on the waiting list, and later used the discount code which was posted on Mr Money Mustache a few days later following his promotional review of the Republic Moto X.
 Here’s Mr. and Mrs. GubMints take on the Republic Wireless Moto X: Continue reading