It’s GubMints Mailbag time again!  This time the topic is Making the Transition from Military to a Civilian/Federal Career.    GubMints reader ‘Woop’ writes:


I have been following your blog for a while and appreciate the time you take to distribute this information.  I am… hitting my 6 year active duty mark this month in the Army.  (I have an) undergrad degree … and I recently earned an M.S. degree in Engineering Management.  
I… have  been considering a transition to the NG or Reserves.  Additionally, I would like to transition my skills into a federal job and pursue a federal retirement much the same as you.  I have been on the USA jobs site looking at positions and I realize I don’t have a great understanding of the variety of positions or the process.
Did you utilize the site in your job search or is there a better way?  I also have my concerns over seeking federal employment during the current federal financial situation as I have read your entries over the sequestration and possible furloughs.  I have next to zero experience with federal jobs and would appreciate any advice you may have as I consider making the leap.
Thanks again,


Woop –  Thanks for Reading GubMints!

My response is long, but distinguished.  It’s going to take multiple posts-  For the First Post,  here’s some generic career search advice that can apply to just about anyone.

A job hunt is a lot like fishing- There are many ways to catch a fish. Continue reading