Lending Club PRIME account

Lending Club PRIME account

I recently received suspicious daily emails from Lending Club indicating I had just placed orders for notes, or that notes have been successfully purchased in my Lending Club account.  The emails were frequent enough that I feared my Lending Club account had been hijacked.

I had not logged in to Lending Club for a few days, so I logged in and looked at my account. Continue reading

Lending Club is the 21st Century Virtual Pet

Lending Club Review - The 21st Century Virtual PetRecently I had the unpleasant experience of watching a Cable Business News Show Anchor interview of a self-proclaimed investment ‘advisor’, touting his vast experience with Lending Club.

I won’t name the channel or the show, but the Business Anchors on this particular channel have been confused with “adult film stars” on a once-famous online quiz.
Back to my news-watching experience.  The TV dude claiming to be a ‘seasoned’ investor on Lending Club had- Get This- 10 months of experience, with over 100 Loans!   Continue reading