The Benevolent Savant Soup Chef thinks it is too easy to earn IRR points…

Recently I caught wind of the below message from Commander, Navy Reserve Force (CONAVRESFOR) (H/T to the AirWarriors Forum).

To summarize: Big Navy and/or Big Navy Reserve initiate this Goat Rodeo every few years or so when they decide that it is too easy for Navy Individual Ready Reservists (IRR) to earn retirement credit points through correspondence courses.  I recall a major Kaibosh put on NKO courses about 5 or 6 years ago, which created a similar panic through the IRR. Continue reading

Navy IRR Reservists- You Are Here!

I just received this little gem in my inbox:

SUBJ: CAC Access for NKO and BUPERS

All personnel in the Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) – Active Status Pool (ASP) will be impacted by the recent implementation of Department of Defense (DoD) mandated cyber security measures. A growing number of DoD sites including Navy Knowledge Online are now only accessible via a Common Access Card (CAC). As of 21 September, this will also include BUPERS Online. The Department of the Navy (DoN) is currently awaiting a DoD engineered solution that will support existing IRR participation requirements. Once a permanent solution has been established, it will be posted at Your patience is requested in the interim. Continue reading