Navy Federal Credit Union Flagship Rewards Credit Card

Full Disclosure:  I have been a Navy Federal customer/member since 1989, and I carry the Flagship Rewards card in my wallet.  Navy Federal does not compensate me for content on this website.

Navy Federal Credit Union’s Flagship Rewards Card has been pretty darn good to me over the years – For a $49 annual fee I earn up to 2% on ALL purchases when points are used for travel.  The card also provides me with free Rental Car Insurance (which once saved my bacon when a Drunk and Stoned Driver crashed in to my parked rental car).  I also pay low fees when overseas, and I get all the perks of a Visa Signature card.

And now, the Navy Federal Flagship Rewards Visa Card just got better. Continue reading


After having some back problems a little over a year ago, I switched to ‘barefoot’ style footwear after reading the 4 Hour Body.  I’ll never wear ‘high heels’ again for walking or running!

After trying a few minimalist/barefoot styles (Sanuk among others), I’ve become a fan of Olukai shoes for their comfort and durability- the only drawback is the price.

A fellow Fed saw my shoes and asked where I bought them.  This pair I had bought at REI because I had a gift card burning a hole in my pocket.

He mentioned to try for a ~40% discount.  What a great site!  They have all kinds of stuff there, from Alpinestars to Zamst.  Eligibility for GovX is open to Feds, Active Military, and Vets.

If you have a current .mil email address, use it for instant registration (don’t worry, you only give the .mil address for registration- you can still give your webmail address for communication. I did and have not been spammed by GovX yet).   If you don’t have a .mil address there is a method to upload a copy of your DD214 to gain access to their catalog.

Happy Bargain Hunting!

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