How Heartbleed Bug Works in 1 Cartoon

Recent reports about the Heartbleed bug should give Federal Employees and Veterans some pause.  Some of your online info may be compromised.

Mashable has a good list of what websites/web services are affected by Heartbleed.

Here is a summary table for Federal Employees and Veterans, with links to primary resources.  Note that you need to change your password on some websites NOW: Continue reading


Recently I was one of the 25 million or so people who received an email from Amazon Prime announcing the $20 price hike for next year’s membership (to a total of $99 per year).

Everyone knew this was coming. Last month Amazon floated the classic ‘Trial Balloon’, announcing that they were mulling a $40 per year Amazon Prime price hike.

One month later, a price hike of ‘only’ $20 sounds more reasonable.   $99 (versus $119 per year) seems like a comparative bargain. Continue reading