How to Retire the Cheapskate Way: The Ultimate Cheapskates’ Guide to Retirement.


Jeff Yeager has an interesting approach to preparing for retirement- he, like few brave others, purports that reducing spending is more powerful than the generic brokerage house and financial planner/pundit advice to save a $1-$2M retirement nest egg.

Jeff should know, he managed to retire at age 47 from his moderate-salary job running the books for a non-profit in DC.  He is ‘selfishly employed’ (more on this) as an author/authority on frugality and maintains a personal network of hundreds of ‘miser advisers’.

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Time to give some kudos to I ordered a pair of Olukai Shoes on a Wednesday, and they arrived on Friday!

Based on the packing slip, it looks like they are acting as a broker and using a drop-ship business model.

I would compare shopping with them just as I would a major online retailer such as Amazon- I will not hesitate to use them again.

Heck, I might even consider using their website to ‘showroom’ on my smartphone next time I am at my favorite sporting goods retailer!

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It depends.

Our work place is in a high cost-of-living area (San Diego), and nobody lives within 12 miles of the office (mostly due to the high cost of housing).  Mass transit is available but coverage is extremely sparse- there are no direct bus routes and the bus has extensive gaps in coverage (up to 60 min between bus routes, even during rush hour).  As a result, most of us drive a solo car in to the office.  Some of us bike or go multi-modal (car + train/lightrail + bicycle) a few times per week, but in the end we all spend a lot on fuel getting us to and from work.

I have plenty of time on my trips to and from work to contemplate the cost of commuting.  On one of my recent commutes I heard a radio ad claiming, “If your car gets 20 mpg, buy a new Lemona and the gas savings will make your car payment for you!”.   I also went to the local San Diego Auto Show recently to sit in a couple of the new model cars.   Note that the Monroney (window) sticker shown above (upper right hand corner) implies the MPG will save you big bucks over 5 years. (Continue Reading…)