Make Credit Card Company your Poodle

This is how I roll, dog.

(Update: There’s now SEVEN ways to make the Credit Card Bank your Poodle.  See #7).

Rule #1. Be a DeadBeat.

You’ve heard about Deadbeats… Deadbeat Dads, Occupy Wall Street Deadbeats, Welfare Deadbeats, etc. But this is a situation where being a Deadbeat is a good thing, not a bad thing. Continue reading


In a recent post, I touted the virtues of bunching together potential Amazon purchases using Amazon’s “Wish List” function.  This is a technique to get you free shipping on Amazon.

Turns out this Technique was a ‘Gateway Drug’ for the GubMints family.  We did the 30-day free trial of Amazon Prime, and we’re hooked!
60-days in, here are some Amazon Prime War Stories:

Here’s a consumer hack to get free shipping on just about anything from

(Nov 2013 Update – Minimum Free Shipment purchase is now $35 (was $25) on Amazon.)

First, I’ve got to tip my hat to Darrow Kirkpatrick– I modified one of the spending-deferral methods he promotes in his book “Retiring Sooner: How to Accelerate Your Financial Independence”. Continue reading