Avoid Data Caps when cutting the cord

Ways for Cord Cutters to Avoid Data Caps

You’ve finally done it.  You’ve cut the cord from your Satellite, Telcom, or Cable TV package and you’ve migrated over to Over The Top (OTT) streaming services like Sling, Netflix, and Amazon Prime for TV content.

You’re as Free as a Bird Now…or are you?

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So you’re finally thinking about Cutting the TV  Cord, or maybe you’ve Cut the Cord already and you’re searching for ways to catch more content- You’ve come to the right place.

Our family ditched Pay TV more than 2 years ago and could not be happier.  Every week, more and more content goes ‘a la carte’, where you can choose whatever you want to watch via a Smart TV device like a Roku box without buying a $100 per month cable or satellite package.

So where to get started?

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