Happy New Year!  It’s time to make some predictions for 2014 that affect Federal Employees and Veterans.

1. Feds, You’ll get your 1% raise, (if you’re still working). 

2. Then again, maybe you won’t.  
There’s no guarantee there won’t be another round of furloughs this year once the Defense Service Chiefs figure out they are going to run out of ‘Gas Money’ by August.

I’ve mentioned here before that mass transit is a great way to save money on your monthly budget, and a good way to trim expenses during present and future furloughs.

I recently contacted my local region’s Transportation Incentive Program (TIP) coordinator to update my status.

To my  pleasant surprise, the program (at least for DON employees) has gone all electronic.  No more MS-Word or paper forms to fill out: Continue reading

Stealing electricity from your employer for your Electric Vehicle


Stealing electricity from your employer for your Electric Vehicle
Don’t be like this Bozo


Recently I spotted this electric car parked outside a nearby DoD office building- with an orange extension cord charging the owner’s battery on Uncle Sam’s dime.

I was alerted to it while talking shop in the lunch room- I just HAD to walk outside and have a look for myself.  Unlike my coworkers who noticed and said nothing to the individual, I walked right in to the building and asked if I could also have some of the Free Gasoline being handed out in the parking lot. Continue reading