Military Service Credit Deposit


Special thanks to Ryan Guina over at The Military Wallet for featuring me on Military Wallet Podcast #21!.

I especially enjoyed chatting with Ryan and sharing my experiences calculating the value of a Military Service Credit Deposit for Federal Employees.

Ryan put in some extra efforts to make this podcast episode happen, including some post-production to clean up the Skype audio during the last few moments of the discussion.

You can find the podcast here (be sure to leave Ryan a review/star rating on iTunes).


It’s been a busy last  few weeks.

Posts have been a bit light as I’ve spent my efforts on fighting a malware attack on the blog (more about this later).   This focused my time on the administrivia of running the Gubmints blog instead of providing good content.  But don’t worry- There’s plenty more to come.

I’ve been receiving lots of inquiries about how to calculate a Military Service Credit Deposit to ensure proper calculation of the FOUR Service Computation Dates for federal employees.    I decided to model the Gubmints SCD Audit service and pricing similar to the Service Record Audit that Association of the United States Navy (AUSN) provides to its members who are up for a promotion board (I had my service record audited prior to my O-5 board and was very happy with the Navy Service Record Audit provided by AUSN).

For those of you Feds who are Veterans, I’m offering a new service to calculate and/or Audit your Military Service Credit Deposit.  I’ll do this both for veterans with Full Retirement (20+ years Active Duty) or discharged Veterans with a DD-214.

You can find out more about the Military Service Credit Deposit audit service by clicking ‘SCD Audit‘ above in the Navigation Bar.  Feedback is always welcome!

Civilian Reductions in Force Register Pecking Order


Civilian Reductions in Force Register Pecking Order
Are You Kidding Me? RIF Tiebreakers?

I’ve recently mentioned that I have separated from federal service.  The below discussion about RIF’s was not a consideration in my depature, but if I was a newly-hired employee, it certainly would have been the very first thing to factor in to my decision.

Here goes.

During many of the recent FY14 budget discussions, SECDEF has mentioned that DoD Civilian RIFs may be part of the solution for reducing Defense Spending under Sequestration. He also mentioned that if he had his druthers that Performance would be a deciding factor in deciding who to RIF first.

Why has he asked Congress to use Performance in deciding who gets RIF’ed first?  NSPS (National Security Personnel System, aka Pay for Performance) died back in 2010, and just about everyone went back on to the General Schedule in 2011.

Here’s the GubMints analysis. Continue reading