Recently the TSP announced that of the 4.6 million TSP participants, that there are a whopping 1,600 TSP Millionaires- up from over 500 TSP Millionaires from last year.

How is this possible?  The math is not that hard- It’s just continuous compounding.

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Analysis of MyRA Account
Good? Bad? I’m the Guy with the Gun!

Recently POTUS signed an executive order creating the MyRA Retirement Account.

It acts like a Roth Account, with a maximum value of $15,000, and a maximum income eligibility limit of $191,000 per household.

It makes sense to create another option for individuals saving for retirement. We don’t have enough retirement options for individuals/small business owners right now: Continue reading

Benefits of Structured CDs

(Note: This is part 3 of a series of posts about the benefits and costs of Structured CDs.  Link to Part 1 (Structured CD Risks) / Link to Part 2 (Structured CD Benefits).  At the time of this article, I own an S&P Index-linked Structured CD in a retirement account).

Here’s How (and Where) to use Structured CDs.

DON’T use them in a taxable account – your returns or ‘payback’ at the end of the contract is taxed as ordinary income. Continue reading

Benefits of Structured CDs

Benefits of Structured CDs

(Note: This is part of a multi-part-series covering the benefits and risks of Structured CD’s.  Part One is here, which discusses the risks of Structured CDs.  Part Three is here, which discusses the Where and How Structured CDs may be appropriate.  At the time of this writing, I own a Structured Index CD in a retirement account).

Structured CD’s, Structured Notes, and Structured Products have received some really bad press- some deserved.  But here are:

5 Reasons that Structured CD’s Rule

1) You’re Guaranteed not to lose money.

If you’re investing in CDs equal or less than $250,000 per institution/bank, your principal (initial investment) is guaranteed by FDIC insurance.

2) You don’t need to be an institutional investor to buy super-long-term options.  

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