How Heartbleed Bug Works in 1 Cartoon

Recent reports about the Heartbleed bug should give Federal Employees and Veterans some pause.  Some of your online info may be compromised.

Mashable has a good list of what websites/web services are affected by Heartbleed.

Here is a summary table for Federal Employees and Veterans, with links to primary resources.  Note that you need to change your password on some websites NOW: Continue reading

Take Charge of your Inbox

Take Charge of your Inbox

SPAM is a staple of any camping trip, but I can’t stand it in my Inbox.  Spammers can be very aggressive and clever, so you need to set up what I like to think of as a ‘Multi-Layered Defense’.  Here’s how I dig the trenches…

1) Unsubscribe.

As counterintuitive as it is, if you’re dealing with a legitimate business (that is, one that you have already done business with and you would simply like to get off of their email distribution list), then go ahead and click the bottom of the email that says ‘Unsubscribe’. Continue reading