The Dark Side of Solar Power Purchase Agreements

The Dark Side of Solar Power Purchase Agreements


As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, I recently signed a contract to put solar Photovoltaic (PV) panels on the roof of the GubMints home.

Are you thinking about rooftop solar? Here’s the drawbacks I carefully weighed in the decision process:

You’ve just become a Commodities Trader. You just signed a contract to purchase a finite amount of electricity for 20 years, at a price that ratchets upward every year at a negotiated rate. This is the textbook definition of a ‘Commodities Option Contract’. In other words, you’ve just placed a bet that the electricity price you locked in today is cheaper than what it will become over the next 20 years. Continue reading

 The Millionaire Wage Slave by Alex Johnston

The theme of Mr. Johnston’s book is: You CAN get rich by working for someone else.

For you Feds, this means that Dollar Cost Averaging in to the TSP can make you a ‘TSP Millionaire’ someday.  In fact, the TSP Director has mentioned that yes, there are a handful (562) of TSP Millionaires walking this earth.

To get rich, you need two things: Continue reading