Thrift Savings Plan Guidance for Federal Furlough

Thrift Savings Plan Guidance for Federal Furlough

I had a chance to tune in to the recent TSP podcast interview with the TSP Executive Director.  Here’s 6 more reasons to love TSP:

1.  TSP is always open for business, even during federal furloughs and shutdowns.  This is because TSP is funded by the (miniscule) fees from funds and contributions (from both Civilian and Active Duty participants. Continue reading

I just met up with a colleague this past weekend who works at the Treasury Department.  He’s a fellow Veteran and has a few questions about performing a Military Service Credit Deposit.  We’ll call him ‘Bill’.

Just one quick question. If I leave Treasury after say 2 years, will I still draw a pension? Or do I have to finish a full 20 years of service?

Bill –

There are 2 issues here-  First is the Eligibility to draw a FERS Annuity, Second is how many years go in to the FERS Annuity Calculation. Continue reading