Here’s another dirty trick good ol’ Dad taught me.

Ever wanted to wait 60 days to pay for something you purchase today?  Maybe you have a commission check, periodic bonus, or other anticipated revenue event – And you would like to purchase something today without bouncing checks or taking out a ’90 days same as cash’ consumer loan? Continue reading

I admit it, I’m the most tenacious hound for cheap airfares there is.

I made some travel plans this past year to visit a relative in Maui over the Holidays. I started tracking the airfares as soon as they were published, early in the calendar year.

In the past I’ve used Travelocity FareWatcher and the (now defunct) MyYahoo widget.   Travelocity’s fare watch tool is only effective for tracking bargain fares between  a City Pair- But it does not let you choose your schedule in advance.  I’ve been unimpressed with either of them (Travelocity, Yahoo, + others), so decided to try out the new Yapta, which appeared to have some very solid tracking features and built-in alerts. Continue reading

How Heartbleed Bug Works in 1 Cartoon

Recent reports about the Heartbleed bug should give Federal Employees and Veterans some pause.  Some of your online info may be compromised.

Mashable has a good list of what websites/web services are affected by Heartbleed.

Here is a summary table for Federal Employees and Veterans, with links to primary resources.  Note that you need to change your password on some websites NOW: Continue reading


OOMA Premier Blacklist Feature Review
OOMA Premier’s Blacklist

Mrs. GubMints called me at work the other day to let me know that the situation with Telemarketers and Bill Collectors calling our house phone was untenable- It seems that someone (a total stranger, not a member of the GubMints Circle of Trust) racked up tens of thousands in credit card debt and then provided the GubMints house phone number as their contact info.

The telemarketing and collection phone calls have been nothing short of relentless. Sure, I know that under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act I have the right to contact the collection agency with a letter and instruct them to Cease and Desist, blah blah blah. Right- That’s much more trouble than it is worth.

What to do? Continue reading