CBS Sports Live is NOT Live College Football

It’s fall again, time for the Gubmints family to enjoy College Football as Cord Cutters.


Last year (2017) the setup was pretty easy.  I wanted to watch Navy football, so I subscribed to CBS College Sports as a stand-alone product for $10 per month on my Roku.  Easy Peasy, including watching games after the event (On Demand DVR Feature).

2018 is not so straightforward with CBS.  Bummer.  The old College Sports Live was a nice product offering.

CBS Now has 3 separate (and confusing) Sports products for 2018. They are:

CBS Sports Live – Their stand-alone OTT Sports package.  But it does not really have any watchable college sports.  It has a few high school football games, interviews with college football coaches, women’s water polo, etc.  No live college football coverage to speak of.  No Bueno.

CBS Sports HQ – This is a separate standalone streaming channel that- as best as I can tell- Is a substitute for ESPN News.  Again, just highlights and talking heads- No live college football coverage.

CBS Sports Network – Most all of their live college football coverage (that’s not already on the Flagship CBS national network) is shown here.  You need a cable tv package or an OTT streaming package to get CBS Sports Network.

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So what to do for cord cutters?

At the time of this writing, the following Over-the-Top (Streaming Package) providers have CBS Sports Network in their lineup:

  • Fubo TV
  • Youtube TV
  • PlayStation Vue
  • Hulu Live
  • DirecTV Now (starting with the $65/month package)

In our household, we follow two teams (UW and Navy), so the only OTT provider who has both Pac-12 and CBS Sports Network (as well as an added bonus of Fox Sports San Diego for the Padres) is Fubo TV.

I’m a few days in to the Fubo trial, and it appears to be as good as the Sling Blue package we used for the last few months.   It’s more expensive at $44/month, but this comes with a 30-hour Cloud DVR.  I could care less about the Soccer Liga and Futbol coverage that Fubo offers, simply because I am an American Citizen who would prefer to watch a knitting derby before I would watch a soccer match.

Will let you know if we have any issues with the Fubo service.

…but for now, DON’T BOTHER WITH CBS SPORTS LIVE if you are looking for live College Football coverage.  You need to go elsewhere and get a package that includes CBS Sports Network.

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