Special thanks to Ryan Guina over at The Military Wallet for featuring me on Military Wallet Podcast #21!.

I especially enjoyed chatting with Ryan and sharing my experiences calculating the value of a Military Service Credit Deposit for Federal Employees.

Ryan put in some extra efforts to make this podcast episode happen, including some post-production to clean up the Skype audio during the last few moments of the discussion.

You can find the podcast here (be sure to leave Ryan a review/star rating on iTunes).


2 thoughts on “Military Service Credit Deposit Podcast

  1. As I’m close to retiring from civil service, I’ve been going back through both my Navy reserve record and civilian.

    On the reserve side, found some errors on my ASOSH where the RESFORON failed to submit a number of AT/ADTs that I had done. They were in the midst of getting not totally unexpected. Lucky for me, I kept the orders and pay vouchers in a box for the last couple of decades and it was “easy” to reconstruct.

    On the civilian side, I’m asking to have my retirement SCD recalculated did my own spreadsheet based on my original SF144. Have to submit to DFAS for pay vouchers on a couple of ATs that I have a FITREP but no pay stubs. Will see how that works out. Last Navy personnel center incorrectly calculated my SCD by failing to recognize that my Leave Without Pay Status was due to military service on ADSW. One period, the PSD incorrectly didn’t issue a DD-214, so those two issues need to be corrected.

    If you’re drilling and civil service, keep all your reserve paperwork, never know when it might come in handy.


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