I’m headed to Vegas this weekend with an old USNA buddy, and it has come to my attention that there is no betting/”Action” on the NFL Draft in Vegas.  Seems that some folks know some of the picks in advance, giving them an unfair betting advantage.

If this is in fact the case, I’ll be bringing a few of these home-made ‘NFL Draft Buzzword Bingo’ Cards along to keep things interesting.

I plugged-in 80-plus NFL Draft Cliches and set them up to be placed at random on Bingo Cards using Excel:


It’s easy to use, and easy to download the (free) random NFL Draft Buzzword Bingo Cards so you can print your own Bingo Cards full of NFL Draft Cliches.

You can use this to do some side NFL Draft bets with your buddies or make it some kind of beverage challenge- You’re all grownups.

You can also add any cliches you want to the ‘Buzzword_List’ tab or feel free to add your own NFL Draft Buzzwords in the Comments Section!

Hopefully your Bingo Contest will last more than 10 minutes.  Enjoy!

List of NFL Draft Cliche’s:

  • Has a High Motor
  • Big Hands
  • Quick First Move
  • Reach (Pick)
  • Alabama (U)
  • Auburn (U)
  • Character Issues
  • Project Player
  • Quick off the Ball
  • Has all the Intangibles
  • Soft Hands
  • Sleeper (Pick)
  • Can Make all the Throws
  • Best Player Available
  • Tremendous Upside
  • High Ceiling
  • He’s a Football Player
  • Motor never stops
  • Shows Flashes on Film
  • High-character guy
  • Presence in Locker Room
  • Locker room guy
  • Makes everyone around him better
  • Luxury Pick
  • Plays bigger than his Size
  • A Checkered Past
  • Off-the-field Concerns
  • Plays with no Brakes
  • Quicker than Fast
  • (Good) Chess Piece
  • Great Wingspan
  • High football IQ
  • Good in Space
  • Really Flies Around
  • Great Ball Skills
  • Explosive First Step
  • He puts the ball on the Ground
  • Physicality
  • Quality Individual
  • Works his Tail Off
  • Vertical Threat
  • Gym Rat
  • Ryan Leaf
  • Quick not Fast
  • Steal (Pick)
  • Franchise Player
  • Freak at the Combine
  • Real Quick Study/Learner
  • Student of the Game
  • Nose for the Ball
  • Difference Maker
  • West Cost Offense (Fits in the…)
  • Good Footwork
  • “Punch” (Lineman)
  • Deceptive Speed
  • Immediate Impact
  • Light Feet
  • Lateral Agility
  • Burst off the Snap
  • Conditioning (Lack of)
  • Good Body Thickness
  • Lacks Range
  • Jump to the Next Level
  • Good Hand Placement
  • Great Body Control
  • Plays too High
  • Plays too Low
  • Great Swim Move
  • Smooth Hips
  • Impact in the Return Game
  • Can’t Miss (Pick)
  • Gains Chunks of Yards
  • Great Vision
  • Eyes in the Back of Head
  • Willing to go Over the Middle
  • Mean Streak
  • Self Starter
  • Looks the Part
  • Quick Feet
  • (Relies on) Natural Ability
  • Easily Pushed Back
  • Small Hands
  • Short Arms

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