Navy Federal Credit Union Flagship Rewards Credit Card

Full Disclosure:  I have been a Navy Federal customer/member since 1989, and I carry the Flagship Rewards card in my wallet.  Navy Federal does not compensate me for content on this website.

Navy Federal Credit Union’s Flagship Rewards Card has been pretty darn good to me over the years – For a $49 annual fee I earn up to 2% on ALL purchases when points are used for travel.  The card also provides me with free Rental Car Insurance (which once saved my bacon when a Drunk and Stoned Driver crashed in to my parked rental car).  I also pay low fees when overseas, and I get all the perks of a Visa Signature card.

And now, the Navy Federal Flagship Rewards Visa Card just got better.

Look what I received in the mail this week:


Translation – Now you can book flights on any airline you want, from ANY website or phone number– Including Southwest and JetBlue.  You no longer have to use Navy Federal’s (restricted) in-house travel booking engine to purchase your airline tickets- Just email or call-in to NFCU for your airfare rewards reimbursement.

Sure, there are other credit cards that offer the occasional sign-up bonus, or temporary rewards better than 2% on specific categories (if you are willing to keep hopping between monthly category promotions with “the frequency of a cheap HAM radio”).   I’ve accepted some of these Credit Card offers from other banks on occasion just for the sign-on bonus… but I’ve always kept NFCU’s Flagship Visa on standby in my wallet for the day I met the other bank’s bonus requirement, or the day I exhausted the other bank’s category promo.

Give the NFCU Flagship Rewards Visa a try today!  It’s pretty easy to become a member of NFCU if you are retired Military or a Federal Employee.

Bottom Line:  Gubmints recommends PenFed’s 5% gas reward card for gas, and Navy Federal‘s Flagship Visa Card for everything else.

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One thought on “Navy Federal now has the Best Rewards Credit Card

  1. Zero stars for Value & Service Quality. Not worth $49 annually. Take the sign up $$$ and cancel the account. NFCU Flagship is an easy card to get with high CL, but there is no flexibility with this card. Where all major creditors such as Citi, Chase, AmEX are providing incentives to use their travel cards, NFCU is reviewing their options to do so. Come on, its JULY 2020 you can’t travel, so why not build in some type of incentive such as Groceries, Home Improvement, or waive the annual fee vice travel points. They will tell you none of these options exist if you call or write them. At this stage, its not worth $49.00. M


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