I recently received my final Civilian LES (Leave and Earnings Statement).

Since I had already received my final Pay Check/LES from Uncle Sugar, this LES contained zero pay, but it did have information vital to applying for my FERS Deferred Annuity.  I’ve already covered the details of what is and is not included in a FERS Deferred Annuity here, so be sure to review your  potential benefits before making the final decision to pull the ripcord.  The final LES contained:

  •  My official Separation Date
  •  My FERS Register Number
  •  (Re-iteration) Payroll Office number.

I won’t be able to use this data for another 17+ years, so I’m scanning a copy and keeping it on file.  According to OPM’s Form RI92-19A (Application for FERS Deferred Annuity Instructions), you have to wait until you are within 60 days of your Eligible Retirement Date to file your application for a FERS Deferred Annuity.

Note that in most cases…

If you separated from Federal service with at least 10 years of service before reaching the Minimum Retirement Age or if you separated from Federal service with at least 5, but less than 10 years of service, and are now applying for a deferred annuity, you are not eligible to continue any health benefits, life insurance or Federal Dental and Vision coverage you had while employed.

Make sure you keep records of your military service credit deposit (if you made one).  You will be asked (again) when you made the deposit and for how many years of military service.

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