Federal Furlough Fun
Furloughs are a bummer, but at least you don’t have this job!

Hope you all had a great weekend.  I finally tuned back in to the news and was amused
to find the facebook page “How I Spent My Furlough Day“.

It’s good gouge for us DoD employees- Most of whom will be hit with their first furlough
this coming Friday.

There’s lots of amusing and inspiring stuff on the page, including one poster who called up her phone/cable companies trying to trim some fat from the monthly budget (I’ve mentioned ways to cut your monthly expenses here before, and for those of you who have just recently arrived at the Gubmints party, be sure to take a look at my Comprehensive Furlough Survival Guide).

There’s even an informal group in DC who is going to do a 5-Mile Furlough Run on Friday- Best of luck to all of you!

I haven’t decided what my Out of Office auto-reply is going to say this week, but these snarky comments have me inspired.  Example from a member of the facebook group (Aaron B):

“You have reached  [name] at [dept]. Current direction and 31 USC 1342 prevent me from answering the phone right now, but please leave your name, number, and a convenient time to call and I will return your call when 31 USC 1342 permits. Thank you.” 

These Out-of-Office replies are going to be like bumper stickers- I’m looking forward to reading more of them.   I’m leaning towards a Haiku for mine:

Uncle Sam’s cash poor
So today’s my furlough day
Talk to you Monday

What will you do on your Furlough Day, and what will your Outlook Out-of-Office Reply say?

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