Thrift Savings Plan Guidance for Federal Furlough

The Treasury Secretary announced (again) that the US Government will be raiding the TSP G Fund to avoid/prolong hitting the next Debt Ceiling threshold.    While pretty much everything I have to say about the TSP raids has already been said here, I find it morbidly amusing that the Treasury Department now considers what were once ‘extraordinary’ borrowing measures to be ‘the standard set of extraordinary measures’.

In other TSP news:

  • FERS Participation rate in the TSP is now over 87%.
  • Average account balances are over $95,000.
  • Roth accounts continue to grow in popularity- There have been 20,000 Roth accounts added per month since November 2012.   There are now almost 170,000 Roth TSP accounts.
  • TSP investors are ‘hopping on the bandwagon’ and shifting investments away from the G Fund and into C/S/L Funds.

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