Time to celebrate the 6-month anniversary of GubMints!  So far it’s been a very rewarding experience for me. The feedback alone from GubMints readers has made all the effort to establish the website worthwhile.

Thanks for reading!  Here’s a roundup of news you can use:

DoD Announces there will be 14 Furlough days, pushed to end of FY13:
Good News, Bad News. Good news is that there will only be 14 Fy13 Furlough Days for DoD employees. Bad news is that they will all be bunched together at the end of the year. If my math is correct, first furlough day will be June 28/week of June 28.

DOJ mulls 14 Furlough Days, to be announced in April.
DoJ number of FY13 Furlough days will also be 14…  14 appears to be the industry standard.

$245 TIP Benefit Cap is universal, but its application by each Agency is arbitrary.
GovExec article shows that the Transportation Incentive Program (TIP) benefit varies by agency.


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