It’s Official- as mentioned here, the 2013 maximum Transportation Incentive Program (TIP) benefit is going up to $245/month.

I received notice via email today that the Department of the Navy has made the $245 TIP reimbursement official:

TIP POC’s/Applicants:

The American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 increased the maximum benefit for mass transit to $240. In addition, the IRS announced an inflation adjustment for 2013 from $240 to $245 for the transit benefits (  The maximum benefit of $245 will take effect on 1 April 2013 for the Transportation Incentive Program Outside the National Capital Region.  Emails have already been delivered to VPSI and Enterprise Vanpool POC’s, and Eagle Commute is being worked on (pls stand by).  THERE IS NO ACTION FOR BUS/TROLLEY, AND/OR EXPRESS SERVICE.  

ALL COASTER RIDERS will need to respond to this email (fill out increase form to their appropriate zone cost), scan and email to me as pdf attachment by Monday, 11 February 2013.


Command TIP Coordinator

Has your agency done the same yet?

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