2013 Health Premiums are on the rise, even for those of us Feds with a ‘Buick’ health plan.

In my case, our family’s premium for the popular Blue Cross/Blue Shied (BCBS) Basic FFS/PPO (code 112) goes up 5% from $131.73 to $138.32 per bi-weekly pay period.

Junior GubMints needs braces this year.  His mouth full of metal could break the bank account when combined with the Obamacare 50% Medical FSA cut coming in 2013.

I was on the fence last year during Open Season in considering switching to an HSA… this may be the forceful shove I was waiting  for.

It looks like the Aetna HDHP/HSA is a bargain, plus it covers 100% preventative dental care.  We’ve been paying dental costs 100% out of pocket using DentalBenefitsPlus from Navy Federal Credit Union, since BCBS provides no coverage with the Basic Plan.

Stay Tuned for detailed analysis.  Would love to hear feedback from fellow Feds with HSA’s!

One thought on “FEHB Health Premiums on the rise for 2013

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