I live in California, where gas is pushing 5 bucks per gallon at present- Yikes!

I’m not going to let Gubmints become ‘one of those’ blogs where each weekly post is brought to you by the MegaBank Rewards Credit Card, showing you how to sign up for the latest reward bonus… blah blah blah.

That being said, I’ve had the PenFed Platinum Rewards Card for 3 months now, and I’m quite happy with what it has given me so far:

  • 25,000 point bonus ($250 cash equivalent)
  • 5 points/cents per dollar spent on Gas
  • No annual fee

At $4+ per gallon of gas, 5% back is 20 cents off of every gallon.  By simply using this card exclusively to buy gas (the family burns through about $400 bucks/month in fuel), we already have enough reward points to do a huge grocery run!  There are tons of other flexible reward options available, including a pre-paid Visa card.

You don’t even have to be government or military to join PenFed… just join the ‘National Military Family Association’ for $20.

You’re already buying gas, so why not get it for 20 cents per gallon cheaper?  Leverage this card with the GasBuddy app, and you’ll laugh each time you drive past the long gas lines at Costco!

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